ACIDA is the musical partnership of two of Argentina’s most talented artists in the field of Latin Pop. Singer-songwriter Alina Gandini (tipped in Buenos Aires as the “Madonna of Argentina”) began her quest to conquer the ears of the world back in 1999, with the help of her producer husband Tweety Gonzales (famous throughout Latin America as the keyboardist with superstar band Soda Stereo during the eighties and early nineties). The influence of Tweety on the music they initially made was so strong it was only natural that he should become part of the performing act, and ACIDA was born.

How would you describe their music? With influences as diverse as Tango, Jazz, Drum n Bass, Film scores, Bossanova, and Rock music, their incredibly sophisticated and beautifully written songs caught the ears of record producer & head honcho of Sonic360, Chris Allison, who quickly signed them to his Sombrero label in 2000. Their songs reach out to a wide demographic, being catchy and stimulating enough to get people onto the dancefloor, yet still maintaining the characteristic Argentinean melancholy that pulsates through the core of their lyrical and melodic brilliance.

ACIDA’s debut album ‘La Vida Real’ features some prominent stars of the Argentinean music world. Gustavo Cerati - arguably the most famous producer and songwriter in Latin America, sings and plays guitar and bass on various songs on the album. Alina’s father Gerardo Gandini, classical composer and Music Director of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra, plays piano on the song ‘Yo Nunca Te Doy Paz’. Dante Spinetta - from Argentina’s most famous rock band Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas - plays a guitar solo in the title track and single ‘La Vida Real’. Other collaborators include Emanuel Cauvet, Capri, Hana Miya, and The Hindu Collective.

Produced and mixed by UK’s Chris Allison (Kinky, The Beta Band, Coldplay), ACIDA’s ‘La Vida Real’ is available for licensing for the Rest of the World. For more info, email