Almeida Girl and Descaga

Already established in the Latin scene, DESCARGA welcomed their vivacious Gibratarian songbird Kirsty Almeida aka ALMEIDA GIRL in 2001. 'LLANITA' is the blistering product of this fiery union. Together they have combined Afro-Cuban music with inspired song writing, tight arrangements and incredible musicianship. The album seamlessly intertwines infectious melodies in both English and Spanish over a Latin melt down of burning percussion, heavy-duty grooves and blazing horns.
Bringing her powerful, sensual feminine voice to the all male band, ALMEIDA GIRL vocally dances her way through each number.
“Miss Almeida has matured into a true class A diva - pure soul with a Latin heartbeat.”
Lubi Jovanovic (Straight No Chaser/Nascente Records) “
While Kirsty is the dynamic, writhing body of this album, each member of DESCARGA is the impassioned heartbeat. Every musician has poured their creative magic into the raucous dance fest that is 'LLANITA'.
Together ALMEIDA GIRL & DESCARGA have made a vibrant, inventive, tender and humorous album in 'LLANITA'. Not simply for head nodding or toe tapping, 'LLANITA' is an album that ensures you’ll dance until even your blisters have blisters!