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Beatwave - Argentina By Various

Beatwave: Argentina exposes musicians and producers who have come together from across the country - spanning the bustling capital city to the reclusive icy mountains to the sizzling hot beaches. From Buenos Aires, to Mendoza in the south, to Mar del Plata ("Ciudad Feliz" - "The Happy City") by the coast.

Each track oozes style and sophistication with a hefty nod to nostalgia featuring as a recurrent theme. Be it through funky deep house, minimal beats, tango-infused breaks or 80ís-sounding electro funk, Beatwave Argentina delivers all round. The contemporary retro chic music reflects similar sophistication found in Argentine culture, from bold cutting edge ideas in their fashion, graphic design and photography. Beatwave Argentina is the product of cross country united talent.

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Ciudad Feliz

Mar Del Plata’s CIUDAD FELIZ, a.k.a Julian Sanza, Luciano Siclari, Fernando Pulichino & Juan Manuel Martinez have already started creating serious waves in the world of electronic dance music with releases on Silver Network, & press features in national publications. 

Cuidad Feliz now live & groove in the UK, where track 'Since Last Time' was released on the breathtaking Sonic360 compilation 'Beautiful Sunset Airport - Terminal 1'.


By Ciudad Feliz

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INDEX a.k.a Leo Portela was a master of music from an early age. During the Nineties' indie-sonic rock revolution, Leo became a master of processing live drum patterns, adding sequences and FX, while playing live acoustic drums with triggered samples. He began a project performing synth-ambient & jazzy textures, with added drum and bass and downtempo cuts which took his live sessions onto the dancefloors.


By Index

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MEESIVA (“Message” in Spanish), are Thomass Jackson, Trini Tosh and Juan Cruz from Buenos Aires.  It all began when Thomass found an ad posted by Trini Tosh looking for a bass player.  Thomass then brought in his friend Juan Cruz and together they formed Meesiva.  With Acid Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul and early 20th century Jazz influences, their music spins out an infectious groove that forces you onto the dancefloor, yet still manages to touch you with their melancholic reflection.

Photo: Trini Tosh, Thomass Jackson, and Juan Cruz


By Meesiva