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Beautiful Sunset Airport By Various

Trilogy of epic proportions, Beautiful Sunset Airport Terminals 1,2 and 3 are an ideal introduction to the Sonic360 modus operandi. With big-beat influenced house, smooth electronic piano and silky jazz scores, this is the chilled soundtrack to the summer. The Beautiful Sunset Airport series is a vibed-up crowd-pleasing gem to chill or dance to. Ah…perfection.

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  • 1. Linda Cançao - Barrio Jazz Gang
  • 2. Since Last Time - Ciudad Feliz
  • 3. Tom Vac - Kousuke Ogawa
  • 4. Soul Buzz - Ras
  • 5. No One Over 21 (DJ Matsuoka remix) - Fussible
  • 6. Junkpilichy On - Sportscut
  • 7. Ojeras Violetas - Index
  • 8. Soun Tha Mi Primer Amor (Capri remix) - Kinky
  • 9. Citric - Pea Green Boat
  • 10. Barry (El Blanco) (edit) - Rojo Amor
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Sonic360 Compilations

Ciudad Feliz

Mar Del Plata’s CIUDAD FELIZ, a.k.a Julian Sanza, Luciano Siclari, Fernando Pulichino & Juan Manuel Martinez have already started creating serious waves in the world of electronic dance music with releases on Silver Network, & press features in national publications. 

Cuidad Feliz now live & groove in the UK, where track 'Since Last Time' was released on the breathtaking Sonic360 compilation 'Beautiful Sunset Airport - Terminal 1'.


By Ciudad Feliz

Sonic360 Compilations


INDEX a.k.a Leo Portela was a master of music from an early age. During the Nineties' indie-sonic rock revolution, Leo became a master of processing live drum patterns, adding sequences and FX, while playing live acoustic drums with triggered samples. He began a project performing synth-ambient & jazzy textures, with added drum and bass and downtempo cuts which took his live sessions onto the dancefloors.


By Index