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Beautiful Sunset Airport Term. 2 By Various

Berlin-based Ras aka Robert Galic opens Terminal 2 with 'Soul Buzz' - a sun-drenched track laced with his trademark afro-funk groove that eventually brought Ras to collaborate with the mighty collective known as Jazzanova. Hold tight for this one: a remix of Fussible's 'No-One Over 21' by revolutionary Japanese Drum n Bass producer DJ Matsuoka (Mo Wax, Styling), producing a blistering jazzed up drum n bass abstract masterpiece. Sportscut aka Producer Tetsuto Yoshida from Orange Records in Osaka, Japan, rounds it all off with an upbeat, quirky track curiously called 'Junkpilichy On'. Scatting vocals skip and jump endlessly over big-beat-influenced housey beats and shimmering electronic piano. A vibed-up, crowd-pleasing gem.

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Based in Tijuana, Northwest Mexico, FUSSIBLE were pioneers of the Nortec Collective when they formed in the late 1990’s. Starting as a three piece, Pepe Mogt (now the only member of Fussible), Jorge Ruiz, and Roberto Mendoza aka. Panoptica took their influences from traditional Mexican music to electronic industrialism, techno and house. With background in many styles of music, they flourished in the Nortec music scene. Nortec inherits the traditional sounds of Tijuana’s border country (Norteņo/Tambora music) and combines them with the modern internationalism of the electronic groove; a unique celebration of the old and new.

This new musical genre has now grown into a ‘collective’ of musicians, graphic artists, architects, fashion designers, remixers and producers, all with the distinctive style that could only arise in a city as diverse and unusual as Tijuana. The members of the Nortec Collective state that "the music is only a part of the reality we live everyday in this city where many things converge and transform themselves into something new...In creating something out of two forces that seem to be opposite (traditional Mexican and modern electronic music) we can transform the landscape of our barren land and upgrade the quality of our lives”. After Fussible's lead, other northwest Mexican music acts such as Bostich, Panoptica (who left Fussible to go solo), Hiperboreal, Plankton Man, Clorofila, Terrestre and many more have helped to create and define the Nortec sound.

Already stars in their native Tijuana, Fussible drew the attention of the national electronica and pop scene in 1997 with two tracks, which made it onto Top 40 charts throughout Mexico. This was indeed an impressive feat for an independent release in a country where Indie labels receive virtually no commercial radio airplay. The success led to numerous live shows across Mexico, playing to huge audiences in cities such as Guadalajara, Ensenada and Mexico City. Since then, they have played in New York, Los Angeles, London and throughout continental Europe with great success. Apart from the amazing response Fussible get from their audiences, they have received extensive international press coverage, with articles in the New York Times, CMJ, The Los Angeles Times, TIME Magazine, La Banda Elastica, DJ, Seven, etc.

With heavy support from specialist radio shows and DJs such as Patrick Forge (Kiss 100), Groove Armada (Kiss 100), Nick Luscombe/Flow Motion (Xfm), Nick Harcourt (KCRW) and Totally Wired (Surf 107.2) Fussible are hitting the big time. Following on from 2002’s highly-acclaimed ‘Odyssea’ (a mini-album championed by music bods around the world, including those at Wax Records, EBTG/Lazy Dog, Manumission and Playgroup), Fussible continued on the tech-mex ‘Nortec’ trip with ‘No-One Over 21’, which was released on 6th December 2004, to matched acclaim. Pepe Mogt now operates solo under the Fussible name, delivering tech-house beats and inimitable Tijuana funk, true Fussible style. ‘No One Over 21’ is his first release as solo act Fussible.

Fussible perform using laptops, drum machines and synthesizers, sequencing Norteņo and Tambora samples with horns, bass loops, and house / techno textures and rhythms. The overall sound is upbeat, tight and loud, striking an exciting balance between the Tijuana sounds, techno and house.

Fussible headlined at MTV Ibiza 2001 alongside acts such as Faithless, Roni Size, and Basement Jaxx. Other events they have played include the Winter Music Conference in Miami, the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, PS1 in New York, the Latin music festival La Linea in London, the Coachella music festival in Palm Springs, the Latin Alternative Music Conference in NYC, and Tecnogeist, the biggest music festival in Mexico, attended by over 100,000 people.

Fussible have also performed live on numerous occasions for Sonic360's US club night ‘La Leche’, in New York and Los Angeles, and headlined the launch of the label's London party ‘Big Soup’ in November 2002. Pepe has also played numerous gigs to support the release of newest release ‘No One Over 21’, to rave reviews.

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By Fussible

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RAS a.k.a Robert Galic grew up in Frankfurt/Maine, spent several years producing music in London in the 1990s & now resides in Berlin. He continues to combine live and electronic textures to create highly original and infectious music inspired by Jazz, Afro-Cuban music, Dub, Reggae etc.  He recently released his album 'Rhythmic Altered State' through Sonar Kollektiv to rave reviews.

Check out Sonic360's small taster of Ras with amazing track 'Soul Buzz', available on 'Beautiful Sunset Airport - Terminal 2'. Trust us, it does exactly what it says on the tin. You won't stop grooving until the song's over.

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By Ras