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Bostich + Fussible


Bostich + Fussible will be appearing at the Coachella Festival in Early April. They are also playing Vive Latino in D.F., Mexico on the 14th March

Fussible + Bostich Nominated for a Grammy!


Fussible and Bostich have been nominated for a GRAMMY in the “Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album” category. This comes as a fitting end of year recognition, following a year of epic touring across the Americas and Europe as well as wide critical acclaim. Following their performance at Treasure Island Music Festival in September, SF Weekly said that, “The highlight was Nortec Collective: Bostich + Fussible... the best dance music of all time. It's sexy, suave and has real instruments.”  Check out Fussible's EPs 'Odyssea' and 'No One Over 21' out through Sonic360.

Fussible at Sonic360

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"No One Over 21" on CSI Miami, episode aired 24th Sep 2007!


Fussible's epic track "No One Over 21" inspired by the mass movement of under-age kids who regularly cross the border between San Diego and Fussible's home-town, Tijuana, Mexico, will feature on CSI Miami on 24th September in the US!

CD-R promos of Fussible's "No One Over 21" exclusively available at the Sonic360 Store!


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Christmas is coming and we are getting fat, and here is all the Sonic360 yuletide news!

Kinky have treated us to some fantastic live versions of proved classics The Headphonist, Mas and Sol exclusively for Napster. They are all available NOW, so get clicking on those saucy little Napster links and give them a listen!

Fussible's 'No One Over 21' is gathering speed ahead of its release on 6th Dec. Anyone around London should mooch on down to the launch party on 1st Dec at Feeling It. And keep your eyes open for reviews of the mini-album on the Fussible page, as they pour in thick and fast. Don't forget that you too can write reviews of releases, by clicking on the 'Fan Reviews' section of the artists page. Go on, you know you want to...x

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By Fussible


No One Over 21 By Fussible

The follow up to the highly acclaimed 'Odyssea', Fussible return with a dirty, percussive and uplifting sequel: 'No One Over 21'. Inspired by the mass movement of under-age kids who regularly cross the border between San Diego and Fussible's home-town, Tijuana, Mexico, 'No One Over 21' evokes the excitement, nervous energy and rebellion at the notorious crossing point. With a whopping 7 remixes, this eclectic package takes the Nortec sound into new territories.

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By Fussible


Odyssea (Remixes 1) By Fussible

Remixes of FUSSIBLE's stonking dancefloor killer tune Odyssea. 'La Ballena' and 'La Rom U Rosa' both delve into a deeper exploration of the sonic qualities of Mexican tambora, Norteno, crispy high hats, and parpy horns, twisting it into a more laid-back Loungey vibe, but still packing a mighty punch!

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By Fussible


Odyssea By Fussible

FUSSIBLE provided six out of the eight mixes of 'Odyssea'. The new mixes include the more downbeat and trippy 'La Rom U Rosa Remix' which still maintains a strong Latin flavour. Next up 'La Ballena' mix is a monster of a dancefloor tune combining four to the flour beats with FUSSIBLE's live percussion and horns - it also features a vocal sample by Gigolo Records' artist (DJ Hell's label) Tampopo which brings us to the next mix by Tampopo himself versus French "Sound designer" and producer MewiMewi under their Giant Swarm guise. Tampopo vs. MewiMewi's version is adventurous, electronic, dark and twisted!

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By Fussible


Odyssea (Remixes 2) By Fussible

FUSSIBLE's classic 'Odyssea' takes you on an epic journey of horns, guitars, keys, and live percussion topped off with the sexiest bass line and solid beats, with three sizzling mixes by Latinsizer, Jay Tripwire, & Tampopo (vs. MewiMewi).

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By Various


Beautiful Sunset Airport Term. 2 By Various

Berlin-based Ras aka Robert Galic opens Terminal 2 with 'Soul Buzz' - a sun-drenched track laced with his trademark afro-funk groove that eventually brought Ras to collaborate with the mighty collective known as Jazzanova. Hold tight for this one: a remix of Fussible's 'No-One Over 21' by revolutionary Japanese Drum n Bass producer DJ Matsuoka (Mo Wax, Styling), producing a blistering jazzed up drum n bass abstract masterpiece. Sportscut aka Producer Tetsuto Yoshida from Orange Records in Osaka, Japan, rounds it all off with an upbeat, quirky track curiously called 'Junkpilichy On'. Scatting vocals skip and jump endlessly over big-beat-influenced housey beats and shimmering electronic piano. A vibed-up, crowd-pleasing gem.

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By Various


Sonic360 Freeway By Various

The SONIC360 FREEWAY is a showcase of SONIC360's record labels ; Sombrero (New Latin) and Head + Arm (Nortec, New Latin Electronica, Eclectic Beats n Pieces) as well as some of the artists involved. The SONIC360 FREEWAY represents the diverse sound SONIC360 is pioneering and the innovating approach of discovering new music and artists, based solely on the quality of music.

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