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Take part in a Sonic360 survey of Unsigned Artists/Bands and receive an evaluation of your demo!


Sonic360 are conducting a survey of unsigned artists and bands based in the US in order to help us understand the needs of developing musicians.

The survey will involve a questionnaire and require the artist/band's demo or finished album to be submitted via soundcloud or other online service.

In return, all survey respondants will receive an evaluation of their music from record producer and Sonic360 label founder Chris Allison

Feedback from the artist regards this evaluation report will also be required as part of the survey. 

To be considered for inclusion in the survey simply answer the questions below and submit to

Note: You must be an unsigned artist or band based in the US.  All questionnaire submissions will be kept entirely confidential.

Where are you based?
How many tracks in demo / finished album form do you have ready to submit? 
Have you made up press packs and/or manufactured CD’s/CDR’s?
If yes to the above then how much have you spent on design costs and producing the press packs, manufacturing CDR’s/CD’s and postage costs to send out to record labels/managers/agents/promoters and venues?
Do you spend money on rehearsals?   
If yes then How much do you spend on rehearsal room hire per month?
Over the last year how much approximately have you spent on music training? ie guitar lessons/ music college etc.

Sonic360 Music & Marketing


If you are an artist and looking to release an album but want to hold on to your master rights then please talk to us about our Music & Marketing services. We have a menu of services from distribution to PR services, social and traditional marketing and promotions, radio promotions, synchronisations, cover art design, website design, website and social media site maintenance etc.

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