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Tarifa360 By Various

A new collection of Sonic360 music inspired by the beautiful up and coming coastal resort of Tarifa. With artwork take from local wall art painted by children in Tarifa innocently depicting African immigrants arriving on the Spanish coast, and with a selection of hand-picked music from around the world this compilation truly represents Sonic360's mantra of 'No Borders'. Available on CD from the Sonic360 store or to download on iTunes.

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Head + Arm

Bn Loco

Uriel Esquenazi is the man behind BN LOCO (abbreviation of 'bien loco' literally meaning 'very crazy') - the border-breaking new project from Tijuana, Mexico from where a nest of creative new musical talent has spawned the likes of The Nortec Collective and Murcof. A well-respected Producer, Remixer, Musician and DJ in his native Mexico, Uriel has toured around the world Djing alongside Derrick May, Mark Farina, Jay J, Deep Dish, and Laurent Garnier. He has remixed for Thievery Corporation, Mexican rock band Zoe and Los Tetas from Chile amongst others. His production style is diverse, delving into acid jazz, rock, dub and hip hop, providing a rich and versatile palette on which to base his Latin influences and electronic experimentation.


By Bn Loco

Raising Grass

Brian Buckley Band

“We should constantly be attempting to revolutionize sound—not categorize it.”

Breaking boundaries and creating new musical standards drive Brian Buckley as a songwriter and performer.  Born and bred in California, he has spent his life making music and tailoring his craft.  His powerful and moving debut studio record 'For Her' managed to project the in-the-moment vibe of his live performance, as well as his myriad of influences and experiences. Never one to force the process, his muse comes naturally and is uninhibited.

Some choice hands helped articulate the musical moments, including Zappa alumni Vinnie Colaiuta on drums and five-tour Zappa vet Arthur Barrow (bass, piano, organ), who also produced and engineered the record.  Alan La Police and Erik Leckrone sweetened the musical pot with their percussive antics while Adam Watkins worked the keys.  Scott Gordon’s mastering work (Alanis Morrisette and Ringo Starr) polished off the dynamic debut.

Brian Buckley Band's 2nd album 'Without Injuring Eternity' is a deeper and richer exploration into their sound with producer Mark Howard (U2, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits) at the helm. Using the unique and creative environment of the Mack Sennett Sound Stage, Howard pushed the band to the limit of inventiveness to create new, interesting and distinctive sounds, strong melodies and hooks, bizarre drum grooves, unusual song arrangements - sometimes making the band play in ways they had not played before in order to produce their best performances.

At the fore-front is Brian Buckley’s beautiful and emotional vocal, alternating between his effortless and powerful falcetto and his natural register to create a magical and mysterious blend. Telling the story of his life experiences, each song is a unique world in itself, connected by the thread of Brian’s vocals. 'Without Injuring Eternity' is a heart-felt and emotional record of a kind that is sorely missing these days..  The single 'Mother's day' from the forthcoming album will be available as a digital download on 29th June 2009.


By Brian Buckley Band

Sonic360 Compilations


INDEX a.k.a Leo Portela was a master of music from an early age. During the Nineties' indie-sonic rock revolution, Leo became a master of processing live drum patterns, adding sequences and FX, while playing live acoustic drums with triggered samples. He began a project performing synth-ambient & jazzy textures, with added drum and bass and downtempo cuts which took his live sessions onto the dancefloors.


By Index


Los Mono

A Chilean super-group, Los Mono is the collaborative effort from some of the top musicians/producers of the country: Cristian Moraga aka Funky C, (also released by Sonic360) is one of the most recognised musicians in Chile and, as founder of the 'Los Tetas', which was one of the most influential alternative bands that heralds from Santiago in the last decade with sales that garnered 4 Gold Records.  Other members include Sebastian Silva (member of the popular Chilean band CHC), Gonzalo Gonzalez (acclaimed sound engineer -Los Prisioneros,  Los Tres, Los Bunkers), Vicente Sanfuentes (as part of the duo 'The Hermanos Brothers', winner of MTV Latin America's ‘Best Independent Artist' and Nea (singer from the bands CHC and Yaia).

Not only is Somos Los Que Estamos a full on high-energy blast from start to finish, the album is an adventure with a moral message; promoting creativity, originality, positivism, and self-responsibility.  In fact, the conscious lyrics and upbeat vibe are the perfect compliment to an album that is driven from start to finish with a myriad of crunchy lo-fi beats n bleeps, infectious melodies and pure funk-fuelled inspiration.

From the opening chant “Se Puede” (It is possible) to "Gane Perder" (I win to lose) and the party monster “Promesas” (Promises) ready yourself for a new movement of Conscious Electronica from South America, it is a ride you don’t want to miss…


By Los Mono