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By Various


Sonic360: Latin America By Various

Sonic360: Latin America comprises the best of Sonic360's Latin American artist catalogue to date with two unreleased remixes included. Get the definitive Latin Sonic360 collection available exclusively on iTunes on 8th Dec 2009.

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  • 1. Coqueta by Kinky
  • 2. Promesas by Los Mono
  • 3. Chocolate by Funky C
  • 4. Odyssea by Fussible
  • 5. Presente Permanente by Acida
  • 6. Soun Tha Mi Primer Amor by Kinky
  • 7. Panamena by GladKazuka
  • 8. Ojeras Violetas by Index
  • 9. Smooth by Panorama
  • 10. Cancion Playera
  • 11. Mas (Fussible Remix) by Kinky
  • 12. Nadie Como Vos (Federico Aubele Remix)
  • 13. Se Puede (Los Negros Fumancheros Remix) by Los Mono
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By Walter Becker


Downtown Canon (Digital Single) By Walter Becker

When Walter was a kid, he used to work summers at his father’s office on Canal Street. They made a lot of deliveries to Soho, where artists were just beginning to move into lofts. Later, in college, when he'd meet someone with a loft he’d think to himself, ‘Just wait until I get one of those.’ 'Downtown Canon' is a beautiful, lilting Steely Dan-esque song reminiscing a dream-romance set in a downtown loft. One of the highlights from the 'Circus Money' album, 'Downtown Canon' is out digitally on 15th June 2009.

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By Walter Becker


Somebody's Saturday Night EP By Walter Becker

Two standout songs from Walter Becker's Circus Money album, the upbeat "Somebody's Saturday Night" the dubby bass-driven song "Bob Is Not Your Uncle Anymore" and an exclusive instrumental Dub mix of "Circus Money", the title track from the album. Out now digitally outside US/Canada on iTunes and all good digital stores.

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By Emmanuel Jal


Emma - Single By Emmanuel Jal

"Emma McCune was my angel. She saved my life, and gave me the opportunity to be the person I am today." - Emmanuel Jal

Taken from the highly anticipated and world wide acclaimed Warchild album; Emma is a dedication to the British Aid worker Emma McCune that rescued Emmanuel Jal from a continued existence as a child soldier. Emma adopted Emmanuel and smuggled him to Kenya to begin a new life, where he could grow up safer and get an education. Sadly, a few months later Emma died in a car crash.

Haunting, beautiful and heartfelt; this song is for her, for without Emma, Emmanuel Jal would not be here to spread his word today.

"If Emma never rescued me I’d be a corpse from the African plain. What would I be if Emma never rescued me?" - Emma, Emmanuel Jal

Emmanuel Jal performed at Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday concert in June where he played an Emma live with the Soweto Gospel Choir to an ecstatic audience at Hyde Park.

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By Walter Becker


Circus Money By Walter Becker

In 1994, Walter Becker’s solo debut 11 Tracks of Whack established that he had more to say – and more ways to say it – than could be contained in the epochal oeuvre of Steely Dan.

Circus Money marks Becker's long-awaited return to stand-alone status. Aiding and abetting Becker is Grammy-winning producer and co-writer Larry Klein (Herbie Hancock’s River: The Joni Letters), plus Steely Dan musicians; drummer Keith Carlock, guitarist Jon Herington, saxophonist Chris Potter, and keyboardists Ted Baker and Jim Beard.

For all its talented complement, listening to Circus Money produces an unquestionably Beckeresque experience. Singular, sublime, and just a little warped; there can be no imagining this music as coming from anyone else.

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By Emmanuel Jal


Warchild By Emmanuel Jal

"Warchild" tells the extarordinary story of Emmanuel Jal, former Sudanese child soldier now turned hip hop star who is set to make his mark on the world with his powerful words spreading the message of what he has been through, and what many are still living with now.
The inspirations for the 13 songs on "Warchild" are rooted in Jal's impossible past. In "Forced to Sin," Jal recounts, "I lived with an AK-47/By my side/Slept with one eye open wide/Run/Duck/Play dead." His love and loyalty for his homeland of Sudan shines in "Stronger" - "I pledge allegiance/To My Motherland/That I'll do everything possible/To make a stand/Yes I can." Jal pleads with rapper 50 Cent on "50 Cent" to be a better role model for his young fans: "You have done enough damage selling crack cocaine/now you got a kill a black man video game/We have lost a whole generation through this lifestyle/now you want to put it in the game for a little child to play..." From the CD's title track, "I'm a war child/I believe I've survived for a reason/to tell my story/to touch lives." And, "Emma," the album's closer, is a heartbreaking tribute to Emma McCune, the "angel" who rescued Emmanuel.
Hear Emmanuel Jal's story, and be truly touched by this wonderful tale of hope.

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By Emmanuel Jal


Warchild (Digital Single) By Emmanuel Jal

The stunning single from Emmanuel Jal "Warchild" is a fantastic introduction to the inspiring artists story. Urban meets World music as line by line you are taken in by his words; leaving you craving to hear more.

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